Building My.Future 2.0 for kids

Friday Sept 29, 2017, I finished my contribution to the My.Future project for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America that for me, started in October 2016.  The team is there finishing up the details, but the site went live and my part is now complete.

bgca_logo MyFutureLogo


Our engagement was to build a website(s) that would promote and build digital literacy skills for the kids associated with BGCA clubs via the internet. The site includes a front end database for the kids to access with video, photo and other media, a web portal for Club staff to manage the kids and their projects, a back end database built on Dynamics CRM 2016. It required a diverse international team with different skill-sets to manage all the different technologies needed. My job was to build an XRM (Anything Relationship Management) data model to support My.Future members (kids) access, participation, and recognition on Dynamics CRM 2016 running in Azure. Web graphics and other content was stored in a CMS database.

We had a great team working on this project together, both Capgemini and BGCA , with contributions from so many people to make the vision a reality.  I will miss working with all of you. But to discretely name a few: Jake, Ram, Ran, Sanjiv, Mitch, Dave, Chrissy, Abi, Steve, Daren, Owen, Bhuvi, Sasi and many others, it was a pleasure working with you.

Some of you know my history in technical training – but if not, the My.Future vision and DYD team’s mission speaks to me.  I am privileged to have been able to assist in BGCA’s vision of helping build these critical technology skills in a fun and safe environment with kids of all demographics via the internet.

In these times of information ‘fire-hosing’ that we get from all our devices, it’s easy to overlook the things that we, as a society, need to do to prepare our youth for the future technology of their generation: things not yet invented or even conceived of today.

For America and the world to prosper as a society, we must continually focus on preparing each new generation to have the tools they will need to succeed and contribute in the rapidly evolving world they will live in.


#My.Future #BGCA #Capgemini

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